Flinters Papillons lays nestled in Duncan BC, on beautiful Vancouver Island on the west coast of Canada.

My interest in papillons pays tribute to my mom who hooked me on the breeding many years ago.  I acquired my first papillon in 1994.  

Flinters is a proud member of the Papillon Club of Canada, the Papillon Club of America, and  the Canadian Kennel Club.  

All of our dogs are sold on non-breeding contracts, and registered with the CKC and AKC.

 If you wish more info on my beautiful dogs or if you would like to add one of my gorgeous furbabies to your home, please email me.


What a thrill for me May 2018 Miss Razzle wins me a second BIS in ashow dog that I have owned!!!!

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Papillons are intense.  They are highly intelligent and trainable.  They are also sensitive, and some are shy.   They will notice the smallest change in the environment, and bark an alert.  The Papillon is a spaniel that dates as far back as the 16th century. You can even see him in certain Renaissance paintings from this period! A frisky, spirited little dog, the Papillon, is a.k.a. the “Continental Toy Spaniel." You will find that, as with all dogs, the Papillon temperament can vary on an individual level. This is because a Papillon’s parents are a huge influence on how he turns out. If you are thinking about getting a Papillon, you should first research the reputation of the Papillon breeder you’re interested in. You should also ask your breeder about the temperament of the parents of the dog you are interested in.



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